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What is SHE?

The Super Heavy Elements Network, aka SHE, is a networking activity of EURONS. Within this framework, SHE is dedicated to Physics and Chemistry of transfermium elements (with Z ≥ 100).

Its objectives consist in:

        • recording the needs for new instrumentation and techniques

        • coordinating research effort by defining and proposing common research goals and by encouraging new collaborations and new R&D projects       

        • improving communication and diffusing information on transfermium elements: past, current and future experiments, theories and any relevant news for the SHE community  

SHE Laboratory Members

  FLNR - Dubna, Russia
  LNL - Legnaro, Italy
  GANIL - Caen, France  LNS - Catania, Italy
  GSI - Darmstadt, Germany  PSI - Villigen, Switzerland
  IReS - Strasbourg, France
  SPhN - Saclay, France
  JU - Krakow, Poland
  TUM - Munich, Germany
  JYFL - Jyväskylä, Finland
  UL - Liverpool, United Kingdom
  Konan University - Kobe, Japan    ULB - Bruxelles, Belgium
  LMU - Munich, Germany

SHE Steering Committee

A. C. C. Villari - GANIL (coordinator)
A. Drouart - SPhN
R. Eichler - PSI
F. P. Hessberger - GSI
M. Leino - JYFL
M. Ohta - Konan University